River Avon producing quality barbel and chub

I arranged to meet a friend at the bank of the River Avon at Marcliff, we arrived at 03:00 on the 08/07/09.

We walked downstream to select a swim for barbel and chub. We selected a nice swim with overhanging trees, bull rushes, lillies and a nice even pace on the river.

After the floods of 2007 the habitat had been ripped apart on all the rivers in the Evsham, Tewskbury and Gloucestershire areas, this had made the fishing really difficult for a couple of seasons.

I am addicted to fishing the rivers as I feel a sense of satisfaction if I do find the fish and I do catch something, although it doesn't bother me if I don't catch - I just love being there.

As it happens we found this swim and set our traps waiting for any unsuspecting barbel or chub to pull round the rod tip. On this occasion we got it right, first up a barbel at 7lb 10oz, then about 30mins later a chub of 3lb 13oz, then a few smaller chub followed by a 5lb 6oz, a personal best for me.

While all this was happening for me, my friend was having no luck at all and I thought I would be swimming if I took the micky any more than I already had done, I left him to it and went home to pick my son up from play group, but I could have stayed as I was having the time of my life.