Ringer Baits boilies available as pop-ups

Ringer Baits has just announced that from now on, its White Shellfish boilies will be available as pop-ups as well as bottom baits.

The new pop-ups come in 8mm and 10mm sizes and are the perfect year-round bait, as Ringer Baits’ boss Phil Ringer explained:

“A proper hookbait will often get you a bite when all else fails, so we’ve released the pop-ups now to help anglers through the winter, although they are equally as good in the summer.

“White is a great colour in clear water because it really stands out, and the Shellfish flavour is a proven winner,” added Phil.

The new pop-ups are in the shops now and will sell for the same price as the rest of the range at £3.99. You get 50g of bait in a tub, which should prove enough hookbaits to last for several months.

Price: £3.99