Right place, right time for Lampard

A couple of hours in the right place were all that Terry Lampard needed to catch this 13lb 10oz barbel from the Hants Avon.

After spotting a group of five fish in a swim on the middle reaches of the river near Salisbury, the 61-year-old current Drennan Cup holder abandoned his preferred sight fishing approach in favour of a standard bolt rig set-up to fool the specimen.

A 4ft depression in the riverbed proved the killing zone for Terry, who used an extra backlead placed up the line to deter the attentions of a family of swans who were in close proximity to his swim.

He said: “I could see five fish ¬ two single-figure fish, two low doubles and one I thought was about 12lb, which must have been the fish I caught. It gave a proper scrap ¬ not as hard as the big mullet I had recentlyŠbut a really decent fight all the same.”

A Nutrabaits Trigga boilie presented over a scattering of broken boilies and pellets did the trick for Terry, with a size 11 Drennan barbel hook and a 12in length of 12lb mono at the business end.