Return to carp fishing with 54lb 7oz mirror


After being made redundant earlier this year Mark Tucker was forced into taking a break from carp fishing, but he made a triumphant return to the sport by catching this lake record and personal-best  54lb 7oz mirror from Menards Carp Fishery in Sussex.

After his girlfriend Lisa had booked him a 48-hour session on the venue as a surprise gift, the 43-year-old from Crawley arrived at the six-acre lake and spotted a few bubbles in a swim next to the car park. He soon found a nice silt patch 30yds out and wasted no time getting a 15mm Mainline Fusion hookbait with a PVA bag of two crushed boilies and five freebies on to the spot.

He only had to wait six hours for his first bite, and when he lifted into the take he instantly knew he was attached to one of the lake’s larger residents.

“I couldn’t do anything to stop its initial run, and every time I thought I had it beat it seemed to get a new lease of life and charge off again,” he said.

After 15 minutes, he finally got it close enough to be netted and on the scales it beat his previous pb by 12lb 7oz.

“I was the happiest man alive at this point. It felt like I’d won the lottery just being able to get back on the bank, but to catch an English fifty as well was something I could never have dreamt would happen,” he added.

The business end of Mark’s set-up consisted of a 12ins Korda Supernatural hooklink knotless-knotted to a size 12 Korda Kurv Shank hook.