Range to take commercial fishing to a 'new level'


I first began to hear rumours that matchfishing guru Steve Ringer and commercial feeder expert Alex Bones had been working closely with terminal tackle giants Korda a little while ago. The gossip was that together they had developed a complete new range of terminal tackle aimed at the commercial carp, coarse and matchfishing markets.

Now, following hours of covert investigation by Angling Times, we have discovered that the project is drawing near to completion. To put it in the words of one of my key whistleblowers, ‘both Steve and Alex have been working on advanced tackle technology that will take commercial water fishing to a new level, and is all set to take the angling industry by storm.’

Upon receiving such exciting information I made an urgent call to Alex to see if I could unravel the mystery further. Was it just tittle-tattle or was there any truth in the rumours?

“I can confirm that Steve and I are working on a new range, but at this present time all other details are strictly confidential,” said Alex.

I asked him if it was possible for him to divulge the name of the range to AT and after a few silent moments he boldly stated a word that looks set to become massive – ‘Guru’. And just to whet your appetite further, another of my informers has, by some miracle, managed to secure an image of the logo! To be continued…