Quantum hitting the UK hard with new range of reels

Quantum may not be one of the most famous names in this country when it comes to reels, but the German based company is very big on the Continent and is now starting to create a name for itself in the UK reel market.

This year saw the addition of eight new coarse reels to its ranks, and the pick of the bunch is the Incyte, which is available for £55.49.

The striking silver front-drag reel has a very smooth retrieve given the price point, and this is thanks to a total of 11 ball-bearings inside.

It has an oversized front drag that is very easy to use and gives a smooth release of line when under pressure, resulting in fewer lost fish.

You can get the reel in 1110, 1120, 1130 and 1140 sizes to cover everything from light float work through to heavy-duty spinning tasks.

One aluminium spare spool is supplied with the reel as standard.

Price: £55.49 to £58.99