Prestons new Monster luggage range is a must-have

It’s fair to say that match luggage hasn’t progressed far over the last 20 years, but the new Monster range just launched by Preston Innovations is set to change that.
All the products in the system feature a revolutionary design to suit modern anglers and their tackle.

For starters, take the Tackle and Accessory Bag. This item replaces your standard carryall and works in a totally different fashion.

Instead of having a large cavity for the main compartment where you throw all your gear, it is split into three. The large base is lined to look after your bait. Or, you can use it for other items like the new Feeder and Accessory Bag.

The other two compartments are slightly smaller and ideal for storing pole rollers, spare legs, bump bars and all other metalware that anglers carry. One also has removable Velcro dividers to separate smaller items.

When you need access to any of these parts, you simply unclip the bag and fold the two areas outwards so that they sit at each side of the main compartment.

You’ll also notice that there aren’t any net pockets on the front – this is because the majority of anglers visit commercial fisheries that supply nets for you, or anglers are forced to carry two or even three nets due to net limits so use a dedicated net bag anyway. For this reason, Preston has also launched a Monster Triple Net Bag that has three waterproof-lined compartments and two external pockets for side trays.
The other notable item of luggage is the Monster Feeder and Accessory bag that will fit into the base of the Tackle and Accessory Bag, should you wish.

It has two internal pouches to store a selection of feeders and then a removable plastic box that will hold an assortment of pellet wagglers. Front and side pockets have been designed to carry the two different sizes of In Box hooklength retainers. Draw a feeder peg and take this bag with you – if you don’t, leave it in the car.

And the new developments don’t stop there – a new holdall is also available. It’s called the Monster Single Rod Holdall and is a scaled-down version of last year’s Giant Rod Holdall. This reduced-size offering has one single rod sleeve that slides into the front compartment and can hold two set up rods, as well as two compartments to house your pole sections.And with more to come, this is certainly the best luggage we’ve ever seen.