New Preston Innovations Zyrium X pole offers power at the right price

This new 12.5m Preston Innovations Zyrium X pole is one of three carp fishing poles due to be launched by the ever-innovative Telford-based company in readiness for next season.

It’s been primarily designed as an ultra-strong all-rounder and is extremely robust, with more than enough power for all polefishing situations. It also has ample build strength and section wall thickness to more than compensate for any knocks, bumps, bangs or over-zealous mistakes an inexperienced angler may make. The put-over joints are both sturdy and reliable throughout.

It’s priced with an SSP of just £199, and that includes a match top kit that comes inside the pole and a spare power kit (rated to a  20 elastic).

At this price, the Zyrium X really would be ideally suited for those anglers who are on a sub-£200 fixed budget and may be relatively new to polefishing or require a powerhouse of a pole for heavyweight hauling.

It wasn’t so long ago that the vast majority of introductory poles for newcomers were hugely cumbersome and unwieldy beasts of 10m or less that needed all the strength of a Russian hammer thrower to manipulate.

Well, having fished with this latest Zyrium pole I can happily report that it is easily manoeuvrable, even for a novice angler, and can be used all day long, even at its full 12.5m length, without risking permanent spinal damage.

Remove the telescopic tip from the second section of the match kit supplied with the pole and you can fit a large enough PTFE bush over the end of the second section to house any elastic up to a No16.

The spare power top kit is even stronger and can handle heavier No20 solid and large-diameter hollow elastics.

The length of the second and third section combined is around 2.6m, and this provides the pole with the perfect length of elasticated top kit to tackle most commercial carp fishing. If you’re a little bit unsure about elasticating your pole then, providing you ask nicely, the shop that you buy your pole from will in most cases be happy to fit it for you free-of-charge.

Summing up, I would say that at the price the new Preston Zyrium X represents extremely good value for money. It’s fishable at the full 12.5m length ¬ something that cannot be said for many starter poles ¬ and I would not hesitate to recommend this pole to anyone wanting to take up polefishing.