New ‘budget-priced’ poles launched

Preston Innovations admits that over recent years it has neglected the lower end pole market, but this year the company has rectified that with the introduction of three new poles, all priced below £700.

The best value for money offering is, without doubt, the new Zyrium X.

With a price tag of just £199 and a 20s elastic rating, we are certain that this new 12.5m model will be great for anglers targeting big fish on commercials.

You get one spare power kit with the pole.

The next step up is the Carp Active. It’s a 13m pole that sells for £299 and comes with two spare kits all rated to a 20s elastic.

Preston’s final new offering in the lower end of the pole market is the 16m Carp-Atex that comes with three spare power kits and looks to be a real winner and is very good at 14.5m. This model will sell for £699.