Nash Tackle release new tangle-free carp and specialist bobbin

Nash Tackle has launched a radical new bobbin that will solve the problem of line tangling around the clip on savage runs. It's perfect for the carp and specilaist angler alike.

The new device is called a SlapHead and features an integral mechanism to secure the PTFE bobbin to the line. You place your mainline into a large slit at the top of the mechanism and then pull it down until it secures behind a ball-bearing.

It is self-tensioning, so it will hang from all diameters of monofilament and release easily when you pick the rod up or strike.

The solid hanger is composed of two main parts, and you can unscrew these to reveal four chambers where isotopes can be placed to make the white body of the bobbin light up in the dark.

SlapHeads are available in 6g, 9g, 12g and 18g weights, with each having a different size.

To accompany these, Nash has also released a black chain that screws into the base of the bobbin which is available in 6ins and 10ins lengths. A black stainless steel anchor bracket can be purchased to complete the set.

Prices: £5.99 to £8.99 for the SlapHeads, £4.99 and £5.99 for the black chains and £6.99 for the anchor bracket.