More space for Preston's new 2010 tackle boxes

Angling Times can exclusively reveal that Preston Innovations is about to add three exceptional new tackle boxes to its successful Space Station range for 2010.

The largest box in the Prestons range will be the new Space Station XSII which features a much lower frame than seen before on previous Space Station boxes, allowing you to add more units between the seat and frame.

This makes the whole seating arrangement far more versatile than before and reduces the number of trays you have to carry separately. It comes complete with a two-compartment tray fitted directly into the frame, a deep drawer unit and a double compartment add-on unit which can be used either attached to the deep base unit or as part of a stacking system. Alternatively, this unit can be fitted above the frame to provide additional height for the angler with longer legs.

The XSII also features a super stable cassette-style, slide-out footplate that offers an increased grip thanks to a new non-slip finish. And, in addition to the big mud feet and large profile legs as used by Prestons in previous Space Stations, the new XSII also has non-marking leg adjustment knuckles and positive plastic locking clips on each of the units.

Although prices have yet to be confirmed, the XSII is expected to retail for £449.


Preston’s dinky little Space Saver is sure to find favour with many anglers looking to lighten the load.

A solid and reliable addition to the Space Station range, the new box features a reduced-sized design, making it compact and easy to transport.

Supplied without a footplate, the diminutive Space Saver has integral adjustable legs that move within the hollow frame, making the footprint of the box far smaller than that of nearly all other seatboxes on the market.

Off Box accessories can still be attached, thanks to a unique new bracket that clamps on to any part of the main frame. It has a decent capacity 90mm base unit that stores underneath the main-frame and is held securely in place with a new side-locking catch system, but can easily be slid in and out via the integrally fitted runners.

On top of the main frame is a two compartment add-on unit perfect for accessories, with a Preston Inbox pole seat on top of that, to house plenty of winders.

Space Saver boxes are expected to be priced at between £180 and £200.


Somewhat smaller than the XSII, but none the less impressive, is the quite superb Space Station Compact.

The Compact has been developed to offer all the benefits of a regular Space Station, but with a slimmed-down main-frame system that makes transportation much easier. A removable foot plate is fully adjustable for comfort.

The Compact comes with a two-compartment unit fixed to the frame, a deep drawer and a deep sliding compartment which fits underneath the frame. Again, prices have yet to be confirmed by Prestons but the Compact is expected to sell for around £349.