Match versus Speci fishing challenge - vote for your match team here

The country’s leading matchfishing aces are set to go head-to-head with specimen anglers in a unique event to decide once and for all who is the best at catching carp.

For years debate has raged over which arm of the sport reigns supreme, and plans are now well-advanced to pitch the two disciplines against one another in a televised contest at West Midlands premier mixed fishery Barston Lakes.

The mouth-watering event is the brainchild of respected big carp angler Rob Hughes, who runs the British Carp Angling Championships (BCAC) and has now thrown down the gauntlet to the match fishing fraternity.

Lasting for 10-hours, the match will be televised by broadcasting giant Sky TV and will see a team of six match aces, picked by Angling Times readers and managed by Keith Arthur, line up against six BCAC hotshots chosen by Rob.

“Clearly, some people are more skilled at certain types of fishing on certain venues than others, which is why I’m proposing a ‘transitional’ venue like Barston Lakes, which holds all sorts of species and sizes, from small F1s to big carp well over 20lb.”

“Obviously, the match is going to have to be done in a format that will be acceptable to both groups, while also taking them both slightly outside their ‘comfort zones’.

The match guys are used to fishing five-hour events, while the BCAC lads are more used to 24 or 48-hour contests. That’s why a 10-hour contest at a venue like Barston ticks all the boxes. The matchmen will be trying to catch as many F1s as possible, while the carpers will be trying to avoid them and latch into the bigger fish – it will be fascinating!”

One of the names sure to be on the match teamsheet is Steve Ringer, a man with few peers when it comes to compiling big weights of commercial carp. He said: “I’m well up for it. It may be that the match boys begin well and catch lots at the start, and then the fish might move over to the big beds of bait the carp boys will be putting out. Last week a match at Barston was won with 100lb on the Method, so that will be one of the best approaches for our guys. In a 10-hour match, who knows, 200lb might be possible.”


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