Match versus carp angler competition date is set

It’s the event the fishing world has been waiting for – on October 14 six of the country’s best matchmen will go head-to-head with their carp angling counterparts in a bid to determine just who makes the best anglers.

The match team has been chosen and includes four-times world champion Bob Nudd, AT columnist Steve Ringer, international aces Jamie Masson and Steve Hemingray, plus commercial water specialists Rob Wootton and Phil Ringer.

Sky television will film the 10-hour marathon at Barston Lakes, which will see stars from both arms of the sport battling it out peg-for-peg, with boilies and spods pitted against poles and Method feeders.

The event will be decided on total weight and is to feature on the Tight Lines show, presented bankside by Keith Arthur.

Organiser Rob Hughes is trying to arrange a steward for every angler to conduct regular weighs-in Fish O’ Mania style, with all carp over 5lb being verified and returned immediately. Only two members of the carp fishing team, Andy Maker and Kev Reynolds, have so far been confirmed, and Rob is to hold a qualifier at Barston to determine the remaining four places.

“Once we saw who the match team put forward, we were determined to take this seriously. The gloves are off now and we’re even having a practice match for the team! Hopefully, this competition can become an annual event with a proper trophy and next year I’ll be pushing to get it its own programme on Sky as it gets bigger and bigger,” said Rob.

Barston Lakes owner Nigel Harrhy says that the fishery is producing lots of F1 carp, common and mirror carp and skimmers on the pole line at present, and knows which team his money is on.

“I would expect the match lads to catch 100lb-plus over a 10-hour period, which puts the pressure on the carp anglers to bank 10 doubles each. The skimmers average 2lb now and Darren Cox broke our silverfish record with 124lb recently in a five-hour match.

“The key for the carp team will be getting through the smaller fish to the older stock of 15lb-20lb specimens with baits such as 20mm boilies. In the recent British Carp match one pair caught 120 doubles in 48 hours, but carp fishing is peggy and I wouldn’t expect this kind of catch-rate from all the team,” he said.