Massive Boddington Reservoir pike found dead

In the week that Britain’s pikers return to the banks for the start of the predator season, Angling Times can reveal that one of the nation’s most prized specimens has been discovered dead at Boddington Reservoir.

Weighing in at 43lb when the corpse was found, the predator stunned the big-fish world when it became the UK’s heaviest known stillwater pike after being caught from the British Waterways-owned Boddington Reservoir in Northamptonshire.

It was understood the fish was banked several times over the 40lb mark last winter, but it was only when captor Stephen Davis blew the lid on it that one of pike angling’s best-kept secrets hit the national radar.

A source, who refused to be named, told AT: “The fish is dead. There were rumours circulating in early summer about its demise, but they were simply false messages to discourage the circus that had turned up to try to catch it. Now the rumours have become a reality ¬ that chapter in pike fishing is no more.”

The focus for Britain’s next giant now switches to pastures new.

As well as existing known fish, such as the ‘pike of the decade’ - John
Goble’s 45lb 8oz giant taken from Norfolk’s River Thurne system last March - there are other up-and-coming venues that could produce a shock to rival the British record of 46lb 13oz, caught from Llandegfedd Reservoir in the autumn of 1992.