Leeda’s ready-to-fish Assassin pole is super value for money

Let’s face it, we all enjoy looking for a bargain, and there can be few better value-for-money deals around at the moment than this new Leeda Assassin pre-elasticated 11m pole.

For just £159.99 you get a very useable 11m muscle pole that is perfectly suitable for fishing on any commercial fishery.

Sold as a complete, ready-to-use package with two very powerful spare pre-elasticated top two kits already fitted out with the bungs, the pole features external ptfe bushes, Stonfo-style connecters and a solid elastic that I would estimate to be rated at about a size 16.

Not only do you get the two spare kits, there is also a third top kit (not elasticated) inside the pole, giving you three kits in all, more than enough to cover most commercial carp fishery pole tactics.

The wall strength on all eight of the Assassin sections is so ridiculously good I would think that unless a tank ran over them you wouldn’t, or couldn’t, ever damage them, certainly not in normal fishing usage.

Obviously, the thickness of the sections does have a bearing on the pole’s overall weight, and yes it is a little on the heavy side. But this is more than compensated for by the slimness of the pole’s butt section, and that helps to make it very
user-friendly and easy to handle, even for a would-be newcomer to polefishing.

Even seasoned pole anglers should not totally disregard owning the Leeda Assassin.

Used as a margin pole, this hard-hitting hauler has a brutal amount of pulling capacity that gives no quarter, and it is unlikely to ever be found wanting when you really need to turn up the power. Rated by the manufacturer to size 18 elastics, you can take it from me that it could be loaded up with just about anything that might stretch.

Added to that are the spare kits, and for well under the asking price of many other highly rated and talked-about margin poles you have a reliable piece of kit that will never let you down.


Live testing the Leeda Assassin

I took the pole to Kingsland Reservoir, a reed-lined commercial fishery just outside Peterborough, and a venue I know contains lots of very fit and hard-fighting big carp.

Drop a bait close to marginal reeds and when hooked these fish explode away from you with a super-charged defiant rage. They always prove to be more than a good test for the sternest of expensive poles, never mind a bargain budget model.

A couple of handfuls of Dynamite 4mm carp pellets were thrown in at about 4m, quickly followed by a lump of paste gingerly lowered down so it sat right on top of them.

Within seconds the first carp of the day was hooked, and as I suspected it bolted unstoppably away from the reed-fringed margin.

The pre-fitted green elastic scorched out from the end of the pole, and if there was ever to be a fault or weak spot in the elastic, or the set-up, then this would be the moment everything would go horribly pear-shaped.

But not a bit of it - the elastic held firm as I shipped on the rest of the pole and followed the fish out to 11m.

The pole’s heavy power- playing action kicked in, and although it was a little unwieldy at the full 11m length, the fish was soon back under my feet.

I unshipped at the second joint in order to net the fish, and, as often happens, the low double-figure carp made one final desperate lunge for the safety of the reeds and I had to pile on outrageous amounts of side strain to turn it away.

This was no problem at all for the Assassin, even at this short range.

Sure enough, up popped the fish, and straight into the old onion bag!

Like I said earlier in this review, this pole has brutal reserves of strength and, for the money, has to be one of the best buys around.