Latest paste by Sonu bait set to take over commercial venues

This is the first picture of what could be next season’s must-have bait ¬ the most advanced paste ever to hit the UK market!

While still soft enough to work as pastes should, it can also be cast 40yds-plus on a feeder or waggler, without having to spend ages moulding it around a device.

It’s Sonubaits’ latest paste and it differs from all others as when mixed, the uniquely soft yet solid texture allows you to tear rough-edged pieces from the bait ball and simply impale it straight on to the hook.

So instead of a uniform, round blob, the paste is left with loads of stringy edges that don’t look anything like a traditional paste hookbait.

Once immersed in the water, the tiny particles break off and waft enticingly around the hookbait, offering a bait presentation like never before.

And if you need further proof of this bait’s potential ¬ just have a look through the last few weeks’ match results and you will see that Andy Findlay has been taking more than his fair share of brown envelopes while putting the prototype bait through its paces.

Andy commented: “In testing, I’ve had match weights to 142lb on the paste and it’s proving to be really versatile. You can use it on the feeder and cast a paste bait to 40m with ease and I’ve also had another  ton-plus weight fishing with it on a waggler, casting at cruising fish.

“It’s brilliant on venues where carp have seen paste time and time again as the rough, stringy edges means that the fish don’t identify it as an anglers’ bait,” added Andy.

At first glance, the dry mix looks a bit like Ready brek ¬ quite flaky in texture and almost white in colour. But once mixed with water and left to stand for 10 minutes, the colour quickly darkens and the bait takes on a very stringy but lightweight consistency. The aroma is a very pungent, fishmeal-based smell.

I was privileged to witness this new bait tactic several months ago on a visit to Preston Innovations’ headquarters. Director Ricky Teale had just returned from a trip to China and during his stay in the Far East he had seen a Chinese angler hammering out carp on this bait.

Ricky was so impressed he even brought a couple of bags of the wonderbait home to the UK and Sonubaits has been working hard to develop it further. While still undergoing field testing, Sonu-Baits brand manager Ian Day told Angling Times that it should be available in tackle shops early next spring. Angling Times believes this to be just the first phase of a paste revolution with further developments to come next year.