Larger boilies, negected swim and careful depth-finding produces huge carp haul

Lee Brooks enjoyed the ‘best spell of angling in his life’ when he took a record haul of fish from a difficult Nottinghamshire lake.

Going weeks without a single bleep is not uncommon on the 25-acre venue, but in seven days’ fishing over a three-week period the 28-year-old took a staggering 45 carp, topped by a new lake record of 35lb 10oz.

After opting to set up in an overgrown swim that had been neglected by other anglers for years, Lee began his session by locating a small depression in the lakebed where the depth changed from 12ft to 14ft. He noticed that most of the other venue regulars were using 15mm boilies, so he decided to do something different and bait-up with 20mm Dynamite Baits Tiger Nut boilies.

He said: “I planned to start off with the bigger boilies, and then if I didn’t get any action drop back down to 15mm. The carp’s reaction to the 20mm boilies was unbelievable, though.”

As well as catching the lake’s biggest resident – a fish that has avoided capture for five years – Lee also banked a mirror known as Shadow twice – a fish that usually only gets caught twice a year – and went on to add a further eight thirties and 35 twenties.

“There’s only one target fish left for me now in the lake, a 33lb fully-scaled, so hopefully my luck will continue,” he added.

The business end of the Nottingham-based boiler engineer’s rig consisted of a 6ins Korda Hybrid Soft hooklink and a size 6 ESP Raptor Curve Shank hook.