Lake John fishing match won with 172lb of skimmers

The fishing certainly matched the red hot weather at Lake John last week when the midweek open was won by Micky Hood with a venue best 172-4-0 – of skimmers!

In a frame that consisted almost entirely of ton-plus weights of the species, Bowler’s-backed Micky had a 165-fish haul on meat fished shallow at 7m. Poor old Kenny Farrell finished fourth with 118-0-0, but still didn’t win his section, prompting those present to declare the day as the greatest silvers match ever.

The weights came on one of the hottest days of the year at the Waltham Abbey, Essex water. Blazing sun, not a breath of wind and temperatures nudging 30ºC hardly made it the best bream weather, but no-one told the Top Lake fish.

“A weight like this has been on the cards for a few weeks,” said Romford cabbie Micky. “The race is now to break 200lb by the end of summer. The lake is solid with fish and the right angler in the right peg will have a frightening weight.”

Micky kicked off his record-breaking day fishing on the bottom at peg 38, but within minutes he was up in the water as those around him started catching. Fishing punched Plumrose meat at between 1.5ft and 3ft deep and feeding meat by hand, the bulk of his fish averaged 1lb mark.

“I figured that the fish must be off the deck because it was so hot and calm,” Micky continued. “It’s amazing that the bream feed shallow like that and I think I had a fish every put in. When it went quiet I added a section of pole as they backed off, but they soon came back to the original line.”

The mega weights didn’t stop there and Colin Bartlett, venue boss and scalesman, must have been sweating buckets by the end of the weigh in. Runner-up Rob Bishop piled what on any other day would have been an equally terrific 143-8-0 of skimmers and tench on to the scales, meat shallow again doing the damage. Graham Dack completed the day with third on 134-12-0 of skimmers.