Krusha sinks its teeth into UK anglers


Korda’s brilliant new Krusha bait device is proving to be the must-have tackle item of the season, Angling Times can reveal this week.
Launched just over two months ago by the innovative Essex-based carp accessory company, this simple but effective bait gadget is turning out to be a massive hit, with some tackle shops selling out of their stocks in just a matter of days.
The Krusha has been designed to pulverise the hardest of baits into a fine crumb, so you can quickly transform and create new baits on the bank with a twist of the wrist.
And this on-the-bank, speedy transformation of baits has found favour with thousands of carp, specimen and even match anglers who have stripped them from the shelves.
However, this week Korda has announced it has received over half-a-million more Krushas from its supplier and is due to replenish dealers within the next few days.
Korda product manager
Adam Penning told Angling Times: “Even we have been astounded by the amazing reception that has greeted the Krusha,” he said.
“I believe their success can be linked to several key areas – first, they genuinely do what they are designed to do, and second, they fill a very niche area of the market as a product that was needed but was not until recently available.
“They are hard-wearing, virtually unbreakable, and the price is right, too.”
Manufactured from a high-impact ABS plastic, the Krusha is made up of two separate halves which fit together perfectly. Each half section has a set of super-strong, diamond shaped cutting teeth that combine to grind down any bait, no matter how hard it may be.
Add a few samples of your favourite boilies, pellets, nuts or even hemp and the Krusha will turn them into a coarsely textured spod ingredient, a finely ground stick mix, the basis of a paste, or even a groundbait enhancer.
Two sizes are available, with the larger version perfect for grinding up boilies from 14mm-20mm diameter, while the smaller model is designed to handle particles such as tiger nuts, hempseed, pellets and small boilies.
Prices: Large £13.99,
Small £10.99