John Wilson presented his MBE


Angling legend John Wilson met Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace last week where he was officially made a Member of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of his outstanding contributions to angling broadcasting and literature.

“It was a proud moment, the culmination of a career lasting 50 years, but I felt that I received the award not just for John Wilson, but for angling as a whole,” said an ecstatic John Wilson MBE.

“My wife and kids were present and it was a perfect family day. I only wish my mum and dad could have been there,” added the 66-year-old.

There were 103 people receiving civil awards on the day and John was seventh from last, but considered the experience worth the wait.

“Prince Charles was charming. He asked me how many books I’d written, and I asked him how the salmon fishing was going on his stretches of the River Dee: not very well, apparently,” said John.

“Considering how few anglers have had such an honour bestowed upon them in my lifetime, it made me all the more proud.”