Jim Shelley banks Snake Pit's biggest carp

There can be few anglers who are as successful as Jim Shelley at consistently catching big carp, and the latest specimen to grace his net is this 47lb 8oz personal best common from Colchester Angling Preservation Society’s Snake Pit.

The Suffolk-based carp tutor and Nash consultant is better known for fishing over large beds of bait, but he tempted his latest whacker, along with three other carp, with single Nash Scopex Squid Red pop-ups cast to an area where he’d seen several fish showing.

Within a few hours of arriving at the famous 12-acre lake he netted two twenties of 22lb and 20lb 8oz, and the next morning banked a 34lb mirror.

He then moved swims to get closer to the fish, and just before dark his right-hand rod burst into life as the lake’s biggest resident, which has avoided capture since last October, did its best to find an escape route.

“The fight was incredible and I thought at first I’d hooked a catfish,” he told Angling Times. “I then saw a bar of gold roll on the surface and my mate netted in on the first attempt. Bizarrely, we’d only been talking about the fish about five minutes before I got the take. When I used to fish the venue seven years ago this common was only 22lb, so it’s really piled the weight on,” he added.

He beat his prize with a running chod rig tied with a size 5 hook and a prototype hooklink material from Nash.