Hutchinson teams up with Dynamite

Carp-fishing legend Rod Hutchinson has made a stunning comeback after joining forces with Dynamite Baits.

‘Hutchy’ was influential through the early days of commercial bait manufacture and pioneered the popularity of foreign carp fishing, with his name still carrying huge weight on the Continent.

But despite playing a pivotal role in the growth of this branch of the sport, his own range of bait products had slipped off the radar of many shops due to distribution problems.

That is all set to change, thanks to Dynamite’s huge retail power which will see classic liquid flavours and additivies such as Mulberry Florentine, Megaspice, Maplecream, Liver and Shellfish Sense Appeal on the shelves.

And, in an exciting development, Dynamite has also revealed it has created a new boilie with Rod under the Premium Big carp Range ¬ Peach and Mango with Maplecream. Unfortunately anglers will have to be patient for a little longer as the new bait will not be available over the counter until early December.

The firm’s spokesman told Angling Times: “Dynamite Baits and Rod Hutchinson both feel that by working together and using the latest fish-catching technologies and their joint expertise, they have produced a new exciting boilie range that will be responsible for catching carp all over Europe for many years to come.”

This bait range is designed to be equally as effective in the winter as it is in the summer and consists of shelf-life boilies, freezer baits, pop-ups, a hook-bait dip and a liquid attractant.

Dynamite will also be working with Rod on his distribution of the Dream Maker rods ¬ the first time the bait company has moved outside its original remit and fuelling speculation of further growth for the Notts-based company.