Huge eel from Suffolk Water Park

One of the biggest eels for decades has been caught by a carp angler at popular East Anglian fishery Suffolk Water Park, near Ipswich.

Local rod Ryan Hadley hooked the 9lb 9oz specimen on a single pineapple boilie, signalling the start of an epic battle that left the 19-year-old stunned by the size and power of the specimen.

“As soon as I picked up my rod and struck into the fish it went berserk,” said Ryan, who thought initially that he’d hooked a huge carp.

“It started coming towards me at a rate of knots ¬ so fast that I thought it had fallen off. I then reconnected with the fish under the rod-tip and had a real job bringing it towards the net,” he said.

Having seen the photo, former Drennan Cup winner Andy Nellist, who has caught eels to 8lb 1oz, is convinced Ryan’s fish is a giant.

“You can tell from the distance between each thumb and forefinger that its impressive girth carries along the whole of its body,” said Andy.