Huge 40lb carp caught 12 inches from the lake edge

There are few more exciting ways to catch carp than stalking, and watching a 40lb-plus specimen pick up your hookbait a mere 12ins from the bank certainly takes some beating. One angler fortunate enough to experience this heart-stopping sight is Bernard Anderson, who recently tempted this stunning 40lb 1oz mirror from a Cheshire club water.

The 28-year-old Manchester-based Baileys Bait and Tackle employee spent 36 hours chasing a group of carp around the low-stock 12-acre venue, and after catching several other fish to 27lb, he eventually fooled the dark-coloured old warrior.

“I don’t think she was too happy, I’d caught a couple of her mates and she went to sulk in a large set of snags,” he told AT. “I then spent two hours flicking halved boilies towards her to try and build her confidence up. This eventually did the trick, and as soon as she came out of the snags she picked up my hookbait, and then immediately did her best to get back into the snags again! After that initial run though she just plodded around, and I soon had her in the net.”

The session wasn’t all plain sailing for the Nash consultant though: “I managed to fall in the water on more than one occasion and break my mobile. Plus I forgot all my food and drink, so was starving come the end of the day!” he added.

The business end of Bernard’s rig consisted of a freelined 10mm Nash Mach1 boilie on a size 8 Nash Fang X hook knotless-knotted to a 15lb Nash hooklink.