How the UK’s best match reel was made


The Daiwa TD-R – arguably the country’s all-time favourite match reel – has been further improved for 2009.

The inclusion of a double handle on both the 2508 and the bigger 3012 sizes will help to boost the already outstanding overall balance and winding power by offering added stability to the spool housing and body when it’s in full rotation. This ensures vibration-free winding.

The new addition will also give the reel a greater degree of multi-handle positioning after a cast is made and the bail-arm closed, which is a real bonus when feeder fishing. The improved hand-to-reel contact time decreases substantially when using a double handle.

Basically, the best just got better.

Initially launched in 2005, the TD-R found favour among the country’s army of competition anglers. With numerous top-flight matchmen, including world champ William Raison, extolling the virtues of the reel it has gone on to become one of the all-time great must-have matchfishing products.

Although precise sales figures are not available, Daiwa says it has sold tens of thousands of this exceptional reel every year since its inception – making it one of the most popular ever made.

The TD-R has always offered the angler the opportunity to own a high-class Daiwa reel for an affordable amount of money, and although it carries a hefty RRP of £175, if you shop around you can find one for around £125 Angling Times asked Daiwa’s production planning manager Darren Peel for his views on why the TD-R is so special.

“We first introduced the TD-Rs in September 2005 and it has gone on to become Daiwa’s best-selling reel in its class. It’s developed into the benchmark reel within the matchfishing arena,” said Darren.

He was also clear on why it has been such a success.

“It delivers a super-smooth performance with abundant amounts of power that will tame carp and other big fish quickly and highly efficiently while still offering a great sense of feel and touch when winding in smaller fish.

“Some reels may look similar to the TD-R, but when winding in a hard-fighting fish you would feel the difference in an instant. It is when the reel is subjected to the high pressure of playing larger fish that you really get the feel and advantage of using the Daiwa TD-R.”