Hige bream haul topped off with 16lb 4oz specimen

In a manic two-and-a-half-hour spell, Peter Oakley banked nearly 100lb of huge bream from the bang-in-form Startops Reservoir on the Tring complex in Hertfordshire –topped by a giant of 16lb 4oz

The 64-year-old spent the first couple of hours of his three-day session trying to locate a clear spot in thick weed on the 26-acre venue, eventually finding a suitable area at 40yds range.

He then spodded out a veritable feast consisting of 12 pints of dead maggots, 3kg of Nutrabaits Trigga pellets, four tins of sweetcorn, three pints of casters and a large helping of chopped lobworms.

Next morning a typically twitchy bream bite signalled the start of what was to be a memorable session for the local plumber.

“As I brought the first bream nearer to the net I could see it was a very big fish indeed,” he said.

“On the scales it went 15lb 8oz, beating my old pb by 5oz, so I was absolutely delighted.

“As I was putting it into the sack, my other rod leapt into life and I soon had another slab of 14lb 2oz on the bank.

“My next fish wasn’t long in coming, and it was a moment I’ll never forget when I watched the scales settle on 16lb 4oz.”

Further specimens of 15lb 3oz, 14lb 9oz, 11lb 9oz and 11lb also graced his mat before the bites dried up, rendering the Tring-based angler virtually speechless.

“Once the action stopped I just sat in my bivvy in a daze,” said Pete, who tempted all his fish on lobworm hookbaits presented on size 6 Drennan Super Specialist hooks and 5lb fluorocarbon hooklinks.