Heavy baiting nets 45lb personal best carp

Heavy baiting was the key to Alex Bransby’s capture of this personal-best 45lb 12oz common from Bluebell complex’s Swan Lake.

On arriving at the nine-acre Northants day-ticket water for a four-day session, the 31-year-old from Northampton spotted a couple of fish moving around towards the middle of the lake on the end of a fresh southerly wind.

With a few casts of his marker float, he located an area of silt at 70yds range, and wasted no time spodding out a veritable feast of mixed particles and chopped Mistral Baits i40 boilies.

A couple of shows during the evening confirmed that the carp were still in the area, and then in the early hours of the following morning he was woken by a one-toner.

“The fish had dropped the lead so it came in fairly easily until it got to the margins, where it put up a bit more of a scrap,” he told Angling Times.

“I still didn’t realise at this point how big it was, but when I went to slip the net under it I hit its body with the drawcord and I knew at that moment it was obviously quite a deep fish. My jaw literally dropped when I lifted it out of the water and I saw what I’d caught.”

The business end of the Chub Carp Academy member’s rig consisted of a 6ins ACE Camo-Core hooklink knotless knotted to a size 8 Korda Wide Gape hook.