Head to head for £50k pot

It’s the most talked-about match in modern history and this week the people behind the Willis Worms 50k ABC club have announced a new twist to their event that launches today.

The match, which boasts a £50,000 first prize and £250 for every finalist went live this morning and organisers have installed an odds and evens system for their quarter and semi-finals that will see each angler taking part only having to beat their opponent on the next peg. That means there’s no more worrying about what’s happening at the other end of the lake!

Willis Worms chief executive Denzil Thorpe came up with the idea in an attempt to make the event fair for everyone regardless of ability, so in effect it is envisaged that the two 80-peg quarters will have 40 sections of two anglers each, the 80 winners from both going through to the semi-final, where the same format will run to produce the 40 finalists… and that’s just the beginning.

“The odds and evens idea is all about fairness,” said Denzil. “In other matches you draw out of contention and often pack up early and go home. This system will give every angler something to fish for as they’ll only need to  beat the bloke next door and that could happen in the last 10 minutes of the match.

“It’ll become a proper contest because you’ll be able to see what each other is doing and change tactics as a result.”

The two quarter-finals will also be on natural venues, one on a canal the other a river before the semi moves to a commercial and Denzil has plans to use natural waters a whole lot more for the competition, which has already generated massive interest.

“Everyone in the final will get something with that £250 appearance money,” Denzil added. “This whole competition has been 14 months in
the planning and we think will give matchfishing a real shot in the arm.

“We’ve also got plans to unveil an ABC Sudden Death Knockout competition in 2011, which will also run on the odds and evens system, leaving just two anglers in the final.”

The competition has gone live today, full details at www.willisworms.com