Great Scottish hit with 27lb 2oz pike

A trip over the border to an unnamed Scottish loch produced this immaculate 27lb 2oz pike for Mark Billington.

A large floatfished sea deadbait tempted the new personal best for the Cumbria-based angler, who has been targeting predators for less than a year and had a pike best of just over 10lb until his latest day afloat.

“The rod started to bend in the rests before I had even picked it up, so I knew I was attached to something a good bit bigger than I have been catching to date ¬ it was my first proper fish! When she finally hit the surface I couldn’t believe what I was seeing ¬ she had a head like a crocodile!

Needless to say, for the rest of the day I had a huge grin on my face,” explained an elated Mark, who used 15lb mainline and a 20lb wire trace sporting a pair of size 6 semi-barbless trebles.