Glow in the dark bait gel is unveiled


Believe it or not this picture is not the victim of Photoshop or any other design package and it’s not the result of any fancy camera trickery either. It is in fact the latest bait creation from Vision Baits, known as Ecto-Plasm, which has just been launched on to the UK market.

So how does it work? Well, put simply, the sticky liquid is a hormone-based gel that reacts with light and water to create a luminous area that surrounds your hookbait for between four to eight hours.

It is available in Choccy D and Scopex/Peach flavours that both create the same bright-green glow. Only one quick dip is needed to coat the baits and each pot should last for about 150 dips.

Before being launched it went through nine months of extensive field-testing over here in the UK by the Vision Baits team, and during this time it accounted for carp to 37lb, bream to 19lb and, more strangely, pike to over 20lb.

Vision Baits’ General Manager Darren Conway explains more:
“I originally passed some Ecto-Plasm on to our carp anglers to field test and they found that pike would attack their baits as they retrieved them.

“Since then predator anglers have been coating their spinners, plugs and deadbaits with the dip and getting significantly improved results.”

According the Vision Baits team the dip works best in clear water, as it relies on light to create the glowing effect. At night, or in heavily-coloured water, it will be less effective, but the team are working on another variety that is charged up by a UV torch or other light source. It then retains the power from this light so that it glows in dark conditions for two to four hours.

The night version of Ecto-Plasm will be available by June this year.
Price: £10.99 per pot