Giant 200lb catfish landed from River Segre

Catching big catfish from Spain is nothing new, but Craig Pert took events to another level when he landed this 200lb 4oz specimen from the River Segre - the first 200lb cat of the year.

The huge moggie, which is the first fish landed over 200lb from Spain this year, was taken by the Worksop-based rod on a large pellet during a Catmaster Tours holiday to Mequinenza.

Having landed fish to 167lb on previous trips, Craig set himself a target of bagging a new personal best, but had to wait to the 11th hour to achieve his goal.

“The last night came around, and at 9.30pm I hit into a very heavy catfish. After a 25-minute fight and seven or eight really heavy runs against a tight drag, we managed to land our prize. We weighed it twice to be 100 per cent sure and couldn’t believe it when the needle went over 200lb on both occasions.”