Gary Huth aims for Guinness world record

Next stop 700lb! That’s the mind-boggling figure big-weight ace Gary Huth is aiming for next summer as the Essex man awaits acceptance from Guinness Records to make his recent five and six-hour match bests official.

Nets of 682lb and 525lb taken this year have set new unofficial UK match records, but with the sport’s governing body the Angling Trust not recognising these mammoth feats unless it is actually in attendance, the Pro-Master Angling shop boss has turned to Guinness to have his name etched in history ¬ and he’s planning bigger and better for 2010.

“I’m aiming for 700lb in six hours this summer, and I think I can do it,” Gary said. “Rockells Farm, where I recently caught the five-hour record, has given me access to run events with the aim of getting big weights, and I want to have one match fishing surface baits  to see just what can be caught ¬ I reckon it’ll be frightening!”

Despite taking such mind-boggling weights, Gary fishes within the parameters set out by the Angling Trust, each match being 20 pegs and fishing to their rules, thus resisting the temptation to fish floating baits. Even so, the AT still won’t recognise Gary’s feats.

"Good luck to Gary with Guinness, and if it accepts then so will we, but unless we are actually there on the bank to verify it, we can’t stick our necks out and endorse a big weight like this,” said director of events Mick Turner. “Criteria exists within the Trust for record weights from way back when we had the Embassy Pairs, but fishing has changed. We will gladly attend a record-breaking attempt, but it costs, and we won’t do it for free.”

“I had one chap contact me to say he was organising a record-breaking attempt at Hartleylands and asked if I would come to adjudicate. I said I would if he paid my expenses and I never heard from him again.”

The Trust’s response doesn’t bother Gary though ¬ and nor does the slim possibility that his Guinness application, which he expects to take another three to four weeks for finalisation, doesn’t go through.

“Even if I don’t get the record on paper I won’t be bothered ¬ I know I’ve caught those weights and I’ll do it again this summer!” he stated.