Gardner Tackle to launch new all-purpose mono

Specialist tackle giant Gardner has launched a new all-round monofilament known as Hydro Flo.

It has been designed to cover a wide variety of freshwater applications and comes in breaking strains from 4lb (0.18mm) to 18lb (0.38mm) so it can be used for everything from float and feeder work, through to stalking large carp where a strong line is essential.

The line is spooled using Parallex Winding Technology, which means that the line sits very neatly on the spool  and doesn’t cross any other strands, virtually eliminating flat spots and giving very little memory.

Gardner claims that Hydro Flo has a super-soft and smooth finish that aids casting, and a controlled stretch to help cushion hooks when playing fish.

You can get it in both Low Viz Green and Tru Clear colours, and there is 300m of line supplied on each spool, easily enough to fill a reel.