Fox unveils its new hard lures

Fox’s predator lure range has been extended for the 2009/10 season with some exciting new hard plugs.

The five are the Terminator, Zinger, Nemesis, Trojan and Raider – available in various sizes. The Raider has three lip length options to work at different depths.

Each lure offers a different action and all have been designed to target a specific depth of water – from the Nemesis, which darts across the surface, through to the Raider XDD which dives to 3m-4m.

A lot of time has been spent ensuring that the products are as lifelike as possible, and Fox has prided itself on creating a range of lures that are very durable and can stand up to getting bashed about by racks of razor-sharp teeth.

To achieve this Fox, has injection moulded each lure from an engineering grade plastic that is very impact-resistant. It has also paid key attention to the weak areas, strengthening them with strategically placed internal ribs.

Between these ribs there are hollow chambers which house a mixture of different-sized lead, stainless steel and glass balls. These move inside the lure to create a predator-attracting sound.

The paint is sprayed on by hand using precision Japanese airbrushes and has a unique formula to make it as hard-wearing as possible so that it doesn’t just flake off after a couple of fish. A protective layer of lacquer offers additional protection and guarantees water cannot make contact with the main body.

All hooks are securely attached to the main body, and the size of the trebles reflects the size of the lures. They all have razor-sharp points and small barbs that are not too difficult to remove from a hooked fish.