Fox reveal their latest fishing seatbox - the MSB Euro box

Fox Match has launched a new Euro version of its popular MSB seatbox, which was arguably the best-selling box of last year.

It’s called the MSB Euro and is just about to hit the UK market, with the box being unveiled to the public at this weekend’s Go Fishing Show at Cudmore Fisheries in Staffordshire.

The new box is based around a highly flexible modular system which allows you to tailor the set-up for your style of fishing and all your storage requirements.

It was initially designed just for the European market and was first made available to the rest of Europe at the same time that the MSB hit the tackle shops in this country.

Now, due to increased demand from UK anglers, Fox has decided to release it in Britain too.

Fox’s Media and Publicity Manager Steve Cole explained: “The sales figures for the MSB surpassed our own expectations, and it was one of the biggest Fox Match launches ever. Now the first MSB has established itself successfully, we decided to launch the Euro version in the UK.

“Research has shown that European match anglers prefer chunky round legs for stability, a sliding footplate and a modular box design. These features are all present on the new MSB Euro, and we are sure it will be appeal to anglers in the UK that prefer this style of box.” The MSB Euro benefits from 25mm diameter round legs instead of the square legs found on the original MSB, and the sliding footplate stores beneath the box rather than folding up in front.

Fox’s new launch will sell alongside its square-legged sister and the good news is that it has kept the same lightweight and compact modular design of the old model.

There is a 150mm deep base unit that can be located above or beneath the main frame, depending on your needs and both deep and shallow partitioned drawers for the rest of your tackle. Underneath the memory foam pole seat you will find a winder drawer that comes full of pole winders. The drawers lock in place with a magnet and rubber seals to prevent water seeping in.

All six of the new-style round legs are telescopic, so you can easily get set up in the water or on awkward banks. To ensure that you are always comfortable there are four spirit levels located at various points.

Supplied with the box you get a padded shoulder strap that can be fully removed, and a set of colour coded indicators so that you can identify which type of winders are stored within each drawer.

Other features include adjustable mud feet, quick release hinges, and a non-marking leg system.

Price: £459.99