Floatfished lure pays off with huge pike

When the going gets tough, some anglers try something a little ‘off the wall’ in order to fool that elusive big fish into taking the bait. But if someone told you to have a go at floatfishing a 10ins lure you'd probably laugh in their face.

Rob Booth was grinning from ear to ear after he used the rig to shatter his pike personal best with this impressive 29lb specimen during the Fox-sponsored pike trials at Blithfield Reservoir.

Trolling lures behind a boat to explore the depths is a popular and productive method among predator anglers, but the 38-year-old, from Stoke-on-Trent, used a float to customise his set-up and achieve a more accurate presentation.

The forklift engineer is adamant that the rig¹s ability to suspend his purple Fox Replicant lure 3ft off the bottom was the secret of his success at the huge Staffordshire venue.

“I'd never caught a big fish on this lure before, even though many regulars swear by it, so I decided to use a float and add a 15g bullet lead to the rig which allowed me to accurately search at a set depth,” Rob told Angling Times.

“In the winter the big fish aren¹t always willing to chase a bait, so it¹s vital to slow the lure right down and fish close to the bottom - this rig allows you to do that perfectly. If I was to use a traditional deadbait, it would tend to rise up to the surface and ruin the presentation.” This is the first 20lb-plus pike that Rob has caught in more than two years of fishing the 790-acre reservoir and beats his old pb for the species of 24lb. ³It¹s a great feeling to have tried something a bit different and to be rewarded with a rare creature like this,” Rob said.

“At the end of the day, I really don¹t care how big the fish are as long as I¹m getting takes. It might look a bit different but, trust me, other anglers should give this method a try because they might be surprised by the results.”