Float fishing pays off with huge 52lb 6oz mirror carp

Mark Holmes proved that you don’t need fancy rigs or the latest bait to catch big carp when he tempted this 52lb 6oz mirror on a floatfished prawn.

The specimen marked the end of a successful quest on Chad Lakes’ Home Pool in Gloucestershire, which saw the Greys Carp Academy member catch almost every fish in the lake.

He said: “It was nearly a year to the day since Black Eye was caught on a piece of freelined flake by Mark Whitehouse,  and I figured that at this time of year he would be more susceptible to being caught with a different approach.”

His hunch certainly paid off, and after trickling a supply of prawns into a margin spot over a 24-hour period, he cast out his float set-up on the second day and only had to wait one hour before his tip buried. “I knew during the fight which fish I was attached to, but I had to try and put this to the back of my mind as I negotiated it around the weed beds,” he said.