Fish of the Month - We have a winner!

We have been running a new competition within our Gofishing forum - Catch of the Month. It's the perfect place for you to show off what you have caught, and it also gives you a chance to win some great angling tackle prizes.

The first competition ran from the middle of December through to the end of January, and in that time we had some amazing captures, including some 6lb chub, 13lb shore-caught cod, double figure pike and an absolutely enormous skate.

Having deliberated all the captures the one we think deserves this month's prize was caught by Gofishing registered user andybos0. He fished a mark known locally as Raz Island, in Alderney, one evening, on a falling tide.

He was lure fishing for bass, but - as often happens when you're fishing - the unexpected happened and a 9lb 3oz thick-lipped grey mullet took his lure.

It's certainly an impressive fish, and one that will take quite some time to beat!

So, well done Andy, thanks for taking the time to enter, and a prize will soon be with you.


If you are interested in having a go at winning a great tackle prize, why not enter February's competition? For full details, click here.