Extreme Fishing gets new series


The phenomenal success of Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing programme has prompted Channel Five bosses to launch plans for a third series, Angling Times can exclusively reveal.

Although the 44-year-old Geordie actor’s gung-ho, profanity-strewn presenting style has upset many, there is no doubting the show’s popularity - the first series averaged 1.2m viewers and the second series, 1.4m.

While many anglers have been disappointed by some of the former Casualty star’s on-screen comments and the fact that the show isn’t what they’ve come to expect from the likes of John Wilson and Matt Hayes, the fact remains that Extreme Fishing appeals to more non-anglers than any other TV show about the sport since Passion For Angling.

“Channel Five are delighted with the show and we’re presently in talks over a third series,” Robson told AT during an exclusive interview.

“While our discussions have only just begun, I’m very confident that another series is in the offing. I’m hoping to travel to South America, in particular to fish the Amazon for species like the arapaima and peacock bass,” he added.

A keen trout and salmon angler, originally from the North-East but now based in Surrey, Robson has brought a unique style and passion to this specialised TV genre with producers relying on a blend of extreme elements to attract the general public.
But this isn’t reality TV. Instead, it’s an effort by producers to engage a non-fishing audience, something other recent fishing-based series have failed to achieve.
“I think reality TV is a disease, a cultural illness. I’ve never had a life-affirming experience watching Big Brother, but I have one every time I go fishing,” said Robson.
Channel Five confirmed that it is currently in discussions with the actor over filming another series.