Exclusive look at Maver's best ever seatbox

This is the exclusive first viewing of Maver’s stunning new tackle station ¬the MX 3500 ¬ heralding the firm’s best-ever seatbox.

Due for release in early October, this box system really does have the ‘wow factor’, with a compact and clever design matched by its eye-catching fluoro-green colour scheme.

Built around a contemporary mainframe system with fibreglass side and back panels, the MX 3500 has a removable, base-fitted storage cassette, which is fully customisable, plus a new adaptable double leg system that raises the frame and enables you to adjust the seating height of the box without having to fit extra trays in order to do so.

With spirit level fittings on both back and sides, plus the foolproof new side push-lever mechanism that releases the cassette, this souped-up boy-racer of a box has an awful lot more going for it than just its flashy facade!

Accessory and winder carrying capacity is more than ample, too.

There’s a pull-out cross drawer plus winder tray underneath the seat, while the removable storage cassette features two full-width deep pull-out front draws with another winder tray over.

The cassette storage unit is fully compatible with the existing MX accessory tray range, so you can mix and match trays and drawer units.

With a footplate, trolley kit, and new non-marking legs system and grip finish on the legs themselves, the MX 3500 is not only a tackle tart’s dream box, but a top performer on the bank, too.

So what would you expect a tackle station of this quality and desirability to be retailed for? Around £600, maybe?

Well, although Maver has not as yet finalised the price, my sources reliably inform me that it is likely to sell for under £400!