ESP launch new carp mono at the right price

ESP has just released a mainline that offers excellent value for money, priced at just £9.95 for a 1,000m bulk spool.
The line is called Olive Carp Mono and it is available in 10lb (0.30mm), 12lb(0.325mm), 15lb (0.35mm) and 18lb (0.375mm) breaking strains.
It has a translucent green colour designed to blend in with underwater weed, camouflaging it against the bottom.
ESP claims that the line sinks well, has exceptional knot strength and a high abrasion resistance.
The supple line has a smooth finish that will flow off the spool, but ESP advises that you soak the spool overnight if you want to use it for distance casting. This makes it limper, helping line-lay.
Price: £9.95 for 1,000m.