Elvington Fisheries produces double catfish haul

Elvington Fisheries regular Tony Whitworth banks his first catfish then makes it a double.

Fishing for my first 20lb-plus carp (pb 19lb 12oz) at 40yds with a Sticky Baits 15mm Dumbell and rubber corn on a rig made by friend Malcom Porter.  At 10.25 the Delkim chirped a couple of times then off it went and after 20 odd minutes it was in the net - my first ever catfish - a lake record 39lb 14oz witnessed by several people including Stan Britton (fishery owner).

The wife was not pleased at missing this as she was not due to arrive at the caravan until the afternoon with our son Stuart who had taken her to St James hospital in Leeds for her final review 5 years after her treatment for cancer. All clear and discharged!

Well what could I do? Just bank a 32lb moggy the next day!

In front of an even bigger crowd she saw her first catfish and I was the happiest man alive.