Drennan's first reels revealed!

Tackle giant Drennan has launched its first-ever reels, which will be going into tackle shops nationwide this week after being in development for more than two years.

Despite being one of the world’s largest manufacturers of quality fishing tackle, Drennan has never before produced reels.

Now, though, Drennan is throwing its considerably influential ‘hat’ into the hotly contested coarse fishing reel arena with two new products competitively priced for the mass market.

They have been launched under the hugely popular Drennan Series 7 banner and cost just £32.95 for the 9-30 Float Fish model and £34.95 for the larger 9-40 Feeder version. Both have been conscientiously designed to suit the specific needs of the UK angler and are packed full of unique, innovative features.

As you would expect from any new item from the Drennan stable, anything less than perfection is not an option. The new reels have been very well thought through and rigorously tried and tested on the bank for the past two years by perennial Drennan Cup winner Terry Lampard among others.

Each reel is supplied with three ultra-shallow spools ¬ two composite and one alloy. All have been specifically engineered to hold exactly 100m of the appropriate line, without the need for any backing, ensuring a perfect fill.

The spools have also been very cleverly designed with a single deep groove running around the entire circumference of the inner spool area, with a small depression opposite the line clip. This conceals the knot when you first attach the line to the spool and provides a seamless line lay across the spool without any lumps or bumps. This will provide greater casting distance and more accuracy.

On the front of the simple push-button release spool there is a small recessed area that holds one of 13 different robust rubber inserts that come with the reel. Each has a line breaking strain printed on it that allows you to identify which line is on which spool in an instant ¬ an absolutely brilliant idea that will save you having to stick ID labels on each spool, or paint unsightly white numbers on them.

The Float fish 9-30 reel is recommended for use with lines between 2lb and 7lb. Drennan’s larger Feeder 9-40 model is ideal for lines from 4lb to 10lb.

With both, the heavier alloy spool is more suited to heavier lines. Both reels have a steady 5.2:1 line retrieve ratio with super-smooth oscillation, eight ball-bearings and one clutch bearing, and they feel as classy as any reel costing at least twice the asking price. A simple push-button, quick-fold handle system lays the handle flush against the body, making it perfect for easy storage on a ready set-up rod.

These two superb new reels will be extremely popular with thousands of anglers next year, and will undoubtedly have the major players in the reel market glancing over their shoulders. Look out for our Angling Times live test report on the new Drennan Series 7 reels in the next couple of weeks.

Drennan Series 7 Feeder
Price: £34.95
Supplied: Two spare spools and 13 tough rubber line
ID buttons

Drennan Series 7 Float Fish
Price: £32.95
Supplied: Two spare spools and 13 tough rubber line
ID buttons