Drennan raises bar with new feeders

As well as new reels, Drennan has released innovative block-end maggot feeders ¬ called Vari-Weight.

Their unique, easily changed integral base weights can create nine permutations for each size of feeder.

The oblong base weights are divided into two unequal parts that simply slide in and out of their housing position inside the flat-bottomed ridged base.

They are sold in speckled effect, green and brown pairs. The green feeders have light weights, slightly hollowed out to reduce the weight. The brown versions have the same sized weights, but these are solid, making them heavier.

All individual base weights from both feeders can be swapped between the body colours, allowing you to choose the colour that best matches the riverbed you are fishing. Should a weight get stuck in place due to wet maggot dust, a hole in the bottom of the feeder lines up with the weights, allowing you to push them out with a match-sized disgorger.

The angler can instantly make small adjustments to the overall weight loading, to get the feeder perfectly balanced without altering its streamlined shape with bulky add-on weights.

A secure-fitting top cap is held in place with a swivel attached to a twisted piece of Power Gum, and is designed so that the feeder does not rotate on the line on the retrieve.

Available in mini, small, medium and large, mini and small sizes will sell for £2.70, and the medium and large sizes are priced at £2.90.