Dean Macey bags brilliant River Lea chub haul

Dean Macey had his wife to thank for ‘one of the best day’s fishing of his life’, which culminated in the capture of this personal best-equalling chub from the River Lea.

The former Olympic decathlete and big-fish all-rounder was in two minds about whether to venture out to the bank, and only bothered after being encouraged to do so by his ‘better half’.

It was a decision he didn’t regret, as the 31-year-old went on to compile a bumper net of big chub weighing 5lb 2oz, 5lb 12oz, 6lb 5oz, 6lb 9oz and 7lb on the nose.

“I wasn’t sure whether or not to go, but the wife kicked me out in the end! When I got there I sat in the swim for a couple of hours reading a book and just feeding bronze maggots, trying my hardest to resist the temptation of casting out,” said Dean

“Eventually I peered into the swim and saw three stonking great chub wafting about, taking each pinch of maggots I put in. I couldn’t wait any longer!”

Employing a small Drennan loafter float, 4lb line and a size 16 hook, Dean was into fish virtually from the start, and his final tally could have been even better, were it not for the unwanted attentions of a big pike which snatched a chub of around 6lb off the end of his line.

“It’s the second chub of exactly 7lb I’ve had from the river. After the last one, I really wanted a ‘proper seven’, but I can’t really complain with such a great bag of big chub.

“I would have liked a better photo of the biggest of the haul, but I was so overwhelmed and excited, I just asked a passer-by to take a few quick snaps. I can handle the attentions of 100,000 people watching my every move in an Olympics with no problems, but give me a 7lb chub and I’m in a right state!” he joked.