Dead fish and poacher's gill net found at Norfolk lake

The devastating damage being caused to the country’s stillwaters and rivers by illegal fish poaching was highlighted again this week when officials of a small angling club stumbled upon these horrific scenes of dead fish.

Bailiffs at Norfolk’s Bodham Marl Pit were routinely patrolling the popular water when they noticed what appeared to be a large length of thick line protruding from the water.

Upon further inspection, the team were shocked o find the rope was attached to a crude net containing numbers of sizeable fish.

“The line was connected to a gill net measuring 31m long, and five big common carp were trapped in the mesh,” said a club bailiff.

“We had to cut them free ¬all were alive and were able to be returned to the water. We have stepped up security with more patrols, plus the police are doing night-time checks. If these poachers are caught, they will be prosecuted.”