Day ticket sales are rocketing


Britain’s day ticket fisheries are weathering the economic downturn particularly well, with countless numbers of venues reporting record-breaking numbers of visitors.
While businesses up and down the country struggle to deal with the credit crunch fishery bosses have been left stunned, yet understandably delighted, after figures reveal they’re attracting more customers than ever.
Staff at The Oaks, near Sessay in North Yorkshire, have been rushed off their feet, as huge numbers of anglers have come flooding through their gates.
“We are getting around 100 people on the banks every weekday, and 500 each day of the weekend. That’s at least 1,500 anglers every week. We’ve been open since 1996 and we have never seen it this busy before,” said venue owner Tom Kay.
“Lots of new faces are appearing around the complex, which indicates more people are taking up fishing. Obviously, this can only be a good thing for the sport as a whole,” added Tom.
Popular Northants specimen fishery Bluebell Lakes has also seen a similar trend, with bosses noting a 20 per cent rise in day ticket sales since the weather warmed up. 
“It’s been a brilliant year so far and the banks have been packed out. Fishing is still cheap when you compare it to other hobbies. Going to the football could cost £30 for 90 minutes, while you can get 24-hours for that here. Lots of anglers are also abandoning trips abroad and resorting to several days at a UK fishery instead,” said boss Tony Bridgefoot.
It’s not just pleasure fishermen that have developed a habit of targeting day ticket waters more regularly – club anglers are taking up more pegs than ever before.
Yorkshire’s Lindholme Lakes is just one of the many complexes innundated with visitors in recent weeks, as owner Neil Grantham explained.
“Club bookings are up 15 per cent and it’s the best year I’ve ever had. I’ve even had to cancel a few open matches to get all the club anglers on, which goes to show the current popularity of this type of event,” he said.