Cudmore Fishery to allow specimen carp tactics on match lake

Bosses at one of the nation’s most popular commercial complexes have this week announced radical plans to create a brand-new style of event where bite alarms and buzzers will replace poles and seatboxes.

Cudmore Fishery’s Cyril Brewster has decided to transform three of his traditional match lakes into one large ‘specimen competition water’ after locals expressed their disappointment at the lack of five-hour events catering for big-carp anglers throughout the country.

As a result, the quick-thinking chief has now declared his intention to start work on converting New Pools Two, Three and Four at Cudmore into a new 70-peg venue where anglers will use specimen-style tactics and bite alarms during big weekly events.

“It’s a completely new concept and could be the start of something much bigger. The matches will be roughly the same duration as a conventional event, although the tactics will be totally different. There will be fish to over 20lb in the new lake, backed up by lots of double-figure carp which should provide plenty of runs for those taking part,” explained Cyril.

While Cyril is the first venue owner to announce official plans for ‘runs matches’, the trend has already been developing at other fisheries, as Alan McDiarmid, the boss of Makins in Leicestershire, revealed.

“We’ve had people book pegs here and then get the bite alarms out for matches, so it proves there is definitely a fair bit of mileage in the idea.

As long as it is policed correctly, which I know Cyril will do, then I think it is a great way of catering for as many people as possible.” Key figures within the carp angling world have also given the idea their backing, among them Hardy Greys-backed Lee Collings.

“There’s definitely a place for this type of water. There has been a trend developing over the past few years where match anglers have been adopting ‘specimen carp’ tactics and vice-versa,” said Lee.

“It can only be a good thing for the sport as a whole if people are trying a different genre of angling.”