Create a great carp boilie flavour and Nash will make it for you!

Fish ‘n’ chips? Liver and bacon? Rhubarb and custard? What would be your ultimate boilie flavour?

Well, now it’s time to find out because Angling Times has teamed up with legendary carp fishing company Nash to launch the ‘Create A Bait’ competition to discover the next ground-breaking recipe.

Run along similar lines to the recent Walkers Crisps ‘Do Us A Flavour’ campaign, which charged the public with discovering its next range of snacks, readers are being asked to design a new boilie flavour, with the winning entry due to be taken into the Nash factory where it will be made into a range of bait.

Over the next six weeks, Nash’s bait expert Gary Bayes and his team will be giving you a range of tips and advice in your quest for the ‘ultimate flavour combination’. And, not only will the winner receive their own boilies, pellets, pop-ups, dips and glugs, but also a day’s fishing with a leading Nash-sponsored angler.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. Nash has also hinted that if the competition unearths the next ‘wonderbait’, it could go into production and appear on tackle shop shelves.

“Every angler has either tried creating their own baits at home or dreamed up new  flavours and combinations that could get them an extra bite or two, so we want to give fishermen the chance to make that dream possible,” said Alan Blair, marketing manager for Nash.

“We’re very excited about what anglers are going to come up with because there’s a vast amount of untapped knowledge out there. I think we’re going to hear of some very weird and wonderful ideas, and who’s to say that this competition won’t unearth a real gem?” Gary has been at the forefront of bait development for decades and his ability to catch some of the biggest carp in the land is unquestioned. He’s of the opinion that those entering the competition shouldn’t be ‘blinded by science’ because experience has taught him that simplicity is often the best approach when it comes to making successful bait.

“If you want some ideas for ingredients, then you can do a lot worse than looking in a supermarket. I spend hours picking up little bottles and jars,” said Gary.

“I’ve made some fantastic carp baits from products like Bovril, Nesquik, golden syrup, curry powder and gravy granules. Don’t discard wacky combinations either - I’ve found that fish go crazy for strawberry oil mixed with liver oil.”



All you need to do is to think up a great flavour or flavour combination, give it a catchy name and email the details to

Please mark your email subject line as Nash Boilie Competition, and don't forget to include your full name, your age, your full address and postcode, and finally the best telephone number to contact you.