Council scuppers £50,000 new lake


A fishery owner who spent over £50,000 creating and stocking a new lake has been left reeling after the local council outlawed anglers from being able to fish it.

Andrew Molyneux was given full planning permission to construct the new Mistral Lake at Mill House Fisheries in Lydiate, Liverpool, but only once it was complete was he told of a clause made by West Lancashire District Council to prevent his two lakes from being used simultaneously for recreational fishing.

The decision to deem Mistral Lake Œout of bounds’ for anglers has outraged the fishing community, members of which have started a petition against the ruling.
It took Andrew two years to get permission to dig the new 3.5-acre lake, which sits on greenbelt land, after opposition from local residents. But his proposals were granted on the grounds that the new water would bring in more wildlife to the area. Now the 40-year-old farmer, whose own house overlooks Mill House Fisheries, has been left bewildered by the clause, which he was told was implemented because the council told him that extra cars would Œinfringe the openness of a greenbelt’.

“I can’t believe I wasn’t told about this clause before I spent so much time and money building the new water. My venue has become so popular that the original four-acre Messcar Lake was unable to sustain both match and pleasure anglers, so I built Mistral Lake to cater for both. Now I can’t even use it. The decision is a joke,” said Andrew.” But passionate local anglers, such as Maghull rod Ken Dooley, are not prepared to sit back and watch Andrew’s new lake go to waste. Ken believes that the fishery is an important part of the community and he has constructed a series of petitions against the ruling.

“Parties of schoolchildren often use the lakes to learn about the sport and, as big as the city is, there isn’t a major commercial fishery in the Liverpool area. Mill House could have filled this gap, but Andrew has been victimised by the Council and a few residents who have influence there. He can’t even put a porch up without getting aggro!” fumed Ken.

Despite numerous requests for the reasoning behind the clause, nobody from West Lancashire District Council was available for comment.


Ken's petitions can be found in most tackle shops in the Liverpool and Southport areas and one has also been set up on the internet - click here to go there.